How to bet and win in the long run!


  • You should have patience. Bet once a day or as specified by our team and get busy with other duties until the following day otherwise you will not make any gains out of our paid tips. This is NOT a 'get rich quick scheme' it is a slow but sure system!
  • Should have a minimum of $50 USD (dollars) purely set a side for betting purposes, but we advice you to have atleast $100 USD (dollars) set a side for this business if you can afford.
  • You should only bet the tips found on our daily paid tips, remember you should multi-bet them, that is combining the tips and staking (betting) once. We don't rely on singles here because it can lead you to a stressful long time loss. Combining 2 tips is always the best.
  • Stake/Bet amount advised by our paid tips system. Don't worry you can set initial stake according to the initial bankroll you can afford. You can tailor our system to fit your requirements, but of cause not to the extent that will lead you to losses!
  • You should not fear long losing streaks. Yes we offer the best tips online but this is gambling, we can have a bad week and we will lose some money even for 7 days continuously, this should not scare you, it is just temptations to test your discipline! We will win again, never give up!
  • You are required to maintain your initial bankroll, say $50 USD, in your betting account, like bet365, William hill, sportpesa etc. If you have good patience wait until the end of your 30 days then you can withdraw some amount maintaining initial bankroll.
  • Last but not least, don't bet for fun, rather bet to gain money, earn a living or crush your bookies!

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